"Everything goes, everything comes back spinning the wheel of Existence forever. Everything dies, averything re-blooms;

the year of Existence goes on forever

-Friedrich Nietzsche

"We die,

this means we shall live."

-Ismet Özel

In this work, we attempted to chase the Ouroboros, "The One That Kills Its Own Tail"; that ancient and mythical creature who is re-born in its death, chases after death in its existence, who belongs to now, maybe more than ever... As it re-creates itself and is re-born in its endless cycle, and as it chases after its end in its beginning and its beginning in its end, and kills the oast in the bosom of eternity, we were transformed and regenerated; we traced the mystics who search for their own existence in their non-existence and try to generate themselves, and who say that if you want to be re-born, you should die first. We were re-born with the Ouroboros, as it flows to Death in Life and to Life in Death in its endless cycle.