Games have always been one of the biggest sources of inspiration for us. Gameshow magazine was a legendary magazine that was published in Turkey from the mid 90's until the early 2000s. Before the Great Sakarya Earthquake in 1999, it was a magazine that we followed fondly and had a lot of fun reading. Not only the game promotions, but also the quarrels, squabbles, conversations, etc. that revolve in the articles of the authors in the magazine...was extraordinary. First of all, Gameshow was a very friendly magazine. Unfortunately, when our house was destroyed in the earthquake, the issues we had were lost among the rubble. When I came back from Bodrum after the earthquake, I was able to get a back issue while walking among the ruins of our ruined house, but we lost it somewhere in the nomadism of the post-earthquake. Since then, we have been collecting old issues of the magazine every now and then and adding them to our collection. Gameshow is not just a magazine for us, it is our youth, what we have lost….

Zafer of Backtopoints.