Dear Friends, We are happy to inform you that we are officially a Niftygateway publisher. Lets create, publish and play together.⚡️

As an artist duo from Turkey, Backtopoints has always been an active part of the NFT community since the onset of the NFT proliferation. With so many actors of the community, we have lived, experienced a lot and gained benefits numerously; Who would believe that designers and artists would find a home on the internet beyond the white, high, well-kept walls of galleries? The whole community have together built that new home for themselves tenderly and lovingly. We are very honored to be a part of that all-giving, hard-working, future-making community. And now with the new, rising approach of Niftygateway, as Backtopoints we become a part of a new stage where we empower the community collectively more firmly by working with the artists we love and admire. In that process, we will now be a part of an ever-growing community more strictly by working directly with artists and helping them get more by sharing with them what we have got from the whole community. Let’s play and grow together.